The History Of Sports Memorabilia

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The History Of Sports Memorabilia



No matter what sports you are a fan of, there is no doubting that sports memorabilia plays a huge part. Whether it’s a signed shirt from a showpiece final or a photo of a great sporting achievement, items such as these undoubtedly evoke memories of sporting past.

It could be an item that holds great value should it ever go to auction or it may well be just something that is more sentimental on a personal level, but whatever the prized possession there is no denying that the world of sports memorabilia is big business.

This is a statement that rings true especially in the world of Football, the most expensive shirt that the ‘beautiful game’ has ever created is the one that was worn by the legendary Brazilian forward Pele in the 1970 World Cup Final.

It’s quite fitting that arguably the world’s greatest ever player is responsible for the highest ever amount paid for a piece of Football shirt. A price of £157,750 was paid back in 2002 in an auction at Christie’s.

That figure paid 16 years ago, dwarfs the previous record which was held after another piece of World Cup memorabilia that was sold two years earlier. The piece in question was involved in what many would remember as the most entertaining final of all time.

That of course being England’s 4-2 win over West Germany at Wembley. That afternoon in London saw Geoff Hurst become the first and still the only player to score a hat-trick in the biggest game in world Football.

Therefore, it probably comes as no surprise that it was his shirt that was sold back in 2000 for a fee of nearly £92k. Once again it was Christie’s that were responsible for this transaction and they are no strangers when it comes to selling some of sport’s greatest memories to the highest bidder.


However, it is not just Football shirts that can command eye watering fees, once again it is Pele who is responsible for another big transaction. Back in 2016, the three-time World Cup winner sold a staggering 2,000 items of personal memorabilia.

The item that grabbed the biggest headlines and received the biggest amount of money, was the 1958 World Cup Final medal that he won in Sweden as a teenager. This piece of Football history received an incredible £200,000 – considering its maximum value before auction was sixty-thousand pounds less it just shows just how high a regard the Brazilian icon is held in.

The net for sporting memorabilia can be cast far and wide, be it Boxing posters of classic fights from yesteryear or the racing helmet of one of the greatest F1 drivers to put a car of the track, there is a whole host of treasure out there for ardent sports fans.

Sports fans are collectors by nature, and they love nothing more than to own a piece of sporting history or an item that was owned by an idol either past or present. Whether they want to hold onto it or find its true value by listing it at auction is obviously a tough decision but one that could be very rewarding at the same time.


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